We support Ukraine
against Russian invasion

We've already made a huge difference for more than 2500 refugees by collecting 100k € and delivering 10 tons of humanitarian help.

About Us

MTÜ Refuge is the Estonian branch of pro-active Ukrainian NGO Casers. Following Russian all-out invasion on Ukraine, a group of entrepreneurs reunited to support both civilians and military. Since the beginning of the war, Estonia stands proudly on the list of the strongest contributors to NGO Casers. We believe that we can do more.

Many cities are facing the pressure of occupiers like Odessa and Kharkiv. Our goal is to provide a fast answer and to be able to redirect any kind of supply wherever it is needed the most, but also facilitate the delivery of this supply. Our current project is described below.

Our Action

100k €

donated by ourselves


humanitarian help delivered


people evacuated

Our next project is soon to be announced!

We have been receiving huge amount of help that is going to allow us to start our next project in the best conditions but we still need your support!

Kharkiv Emergency Help

Following the request of Ukrainian NGO Дієва Спільнота (Active Community), we have been providing the necessary tools for them to deliver food supplies to Kharkiv citizens that are living in shelters because of Russian shelling or because they lost their  jobs or homes. 1700 food packages are needed every week as up to 250 can be delivered in a day. With the purchase of a van and ballistic protections, the work of the volunteers has been widely improved in terms of safety and efficiency. When the situation in Kharkiv becomes easier to handle for international humanitarian help, Active Community will focus their actions in the south where the fights are far from coming to an end.


What has been provided?

  • 3x NIJIII or IV ballistic vests for a cost of 1600€.

  • Mercedes-Benz Vito for a cost of 1850€ including technical maintenance.

  • 250€ worth of diesel to help maintain deliveries on a daily basis.

  • 200€ of delivery cost (diesel).

Total cost of the project: 3900€

We are really thankful for your help! 

3900€ collected out of 3900€ - delivered


Our Team


Arnaud Lafeuillade

Freelance Photographer and QA Engineer

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Eugene Ursalov

CEO and co-founder at CASERS

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Nazar Hembara

Managing Director and Co-Founder at BotsCrew

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